Balancing Act

Becoming a father about 4 months ago was one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me. Now, trying to juggle parenthood with working two jobs and my other passion, cycling, is a bit more challenging. I’m sure that if you’re reading this blog that you probably really enjoy cycling, hell for the most part it was a large part of my life as I’m sure it is yours too.
First off, when it comes to riding with other people with a baby: it won’t work 90% of the time. Things always seem to take longer with the little one around so making the meet up on time usually doesn’t work. Or the availability of the time to ride doesn’t seem to coincide with anyone else’s schedule but your own. Personally I’ve found the best times for me to ride are generally early in the mornings when most people are just getting out of bed, which is because Isabella, my daughter, tends to go to sleep early. Being more intelligent as a parent, you tend to sleep when they sleep so that you’re not a sleep deprived maniac.
So, I apologize if I’m riding less, or seem to be preoccupied sometimes. It’s because I probably am with the most beautiful little girl in the world (atleast in my wife and I’s eyes), who despite not even being able to talk has me wrapped around her finger. I know she won’t always be this little and will eventually allow us a little more freedom to ride and do other things once she’s older and a bit more self sufficient, but for now I’m aiming her at the 2024 US Mountain Bike champion in the 10-12 year old category!


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  1. Luke E says:

    Kenny, you are the best! Great insight into what happens when all your interests, passions and life all come together. Congratulations on doing it all.

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